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Coordinators Storytellers
Domain Coordinator:
Mathew Haffner
Domain Storyteller:
Paula Watt-Haffner
Government Denies Knowledge Coordinator:
John Hicks
Masquerade (Camarilla) Venue Soryteller:
Jason West
Music City Masquerade:
Jesse Howell
Masquerade (Sabbat) Venue Soryteller:
Jeff Carlton
Awakening Venue Storyteller:
Without a VST, this is being handled by the DST:
Paula Watt-Haffner

Forsaken Venue Storyteller:
Without a VST, this is being handled by the DST:
Paula Watt-Haffner


Lost Venue Storyteller:
Without a VST, this is being handled by the DST:
Paula Watt-Haffner


Requiem Venue Soryteller:
Jesse Howell

Who are we?

The Dark River Society is affiliated with the Mind's Eye Society, White Wolf's Official fan club.  We perform Live Action Role Playing (LARP) using White Wolf source books and themes.  LARP is a form of impromptu acting in a game setting.  The Mind's Eye Society has a Code of Conduct which all members and guests are expected to follow during any official Mind's Eye Society event.

Code of Conduct
(These are highlights of the Code of Conduct.  The entire Code can be found in the Membership Handbook)

Be REAL first.
At all times, keep in mind that the game is only a form of entertainment; things that exist or happen within the game are not real and should not be portrayed as such. The Mind's Eye Society does not claim that vampires, werewolves and the like are real. The organization discourages members from playing their characters at out-of-character events. Similarly, it is essential that members do not make the mistake of confusing a memberâs actual personality or attitudes with those of her character.

Do not come into physical contact with others.
Members shall not engage in non-consensual physical contact with others while participating in a Mind's Eye Society event. Live-action roleplay is talking, not fighting. Consensual contact (such as hand shaking) is acceptable; non-consensual contact is grounds for disciplinary action.

Do not use drugs or drink alcohol at Mind's Eye Society events.
Members shall not participate in Mind's Eye Society events while impaired by mind-altering substances (including, but not limited to alcohol). This clause does not apply to members with regards to taking medication as directed by a physician, but such members are still expected to conduct themselves according to the code of conduct.
Members shall not cause or participate in any illegal activity as defined by local, state, provincial, or federal law while participating in a Mind's Eye Society event.

No weapons.
Members shall not carry weapons or realistic representations of weapons at Mind's Eye Society gaming events or at any other events where the presiding coordinator deems it inappropriate. In the dark, toy guns look much the same as real ones. No props can be used if they must touch another person to be effective.

No blood drinking.
The Mind's Eye Society does not condone the drinking of blood. While some of the fictional characters we portray may do this, even discussing the drinking of blood in reality is not permitted while participating in a Mind's Eye Society event.

Be courteous and respectful of others.
Members are expected to be courteous and cordial whenever they are not in character. Compliments should be as frequent as possible and criticism should be constructive. Members shall not threaten other members or the public, nor will they denigrate personal, political or religious viewpoints.
Members shall be honest in their dealings with the organization. Members shall not knowingly submit false information to the organization or to any officer acting in an official capacity. Likewise, officers shall be honest in the information they present to the membership.

Know when to stop.
When a member calls for a time-out, all game-oriented action in the immediate vicinity must immediately stop. Emotions can run high in the midst of roleplay, and it is every playerâs responsibility to be able to stop before play gets out of hand. Any member may call a short time-out for any reason, though a prolonged break should be handled by turning the character over to a storyteller to complete the scene while the player steps away from the situation.

No Discrimination.
No manner of discrimination, verbal or otherwise, will be tolerated in any function of the club, be it based on race, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, length of club membership, or gender.

Introduction to the Mind's Eye Society Fan Club

The Mind's Eye Society is one of the worldâs largest live-action roleplaying groups, with thousands of members across six continents. Our members create characters using White Wolfâs Mindâs Eye Theatre books and begin by playing those characters in locally hosted games. Many members also travel to games and events hosted by our hundreds of individual domains and chapters, use some of the numerous ãin characterä e-mail lists and even attend larger events at the regional, national and international level! Each year, the Mind's Eye Society hosts the International Mind's Eye Society Convention (ICC) in a selected city that brings hundreds of members together to play in the pinnacle event of the year.

The focus of the Mind's Eye Societyâs game is on the dramatic politics in the World of Darkness and the tragic struggles of the spirit; it is not only the violent aspects commonly associated with the fictional creatures that intrigue us. While the Mind's Eye Societyâs live-action game is its most visible product, the Mind's Eye Society is also a social organization with a special commitment to the arts, education, and service. All members are encouraged to learn more about the arts, especially the theatrical arts of acting, costuming, propmaking, storytelling and scene setting through set decoration, lighting and sound. In addition to the arts that we support through the live-action game, the Mind's Eye Society sponsors and encourages our membersâ artistic interests in writing, sketching, painting, illustration, photography, computer graphics, graphic design and other artistic pursuits. We publish a great deal of our membersâ work in our quarterly fanzine, on our hundreds of websites (start at http://www.mindseyesociety.org/) and in our regional, city, and chapter newsletters (where available). We also often display some of our membersâ artwork at the annual ICC and other events.

The Mind's Eye Society is dedicated to member education-not just the fascinating history lessons one can learn while creating characters but also skills such as leadership development and acting. We sponsor panels and seminars about the arts, the World of Darkness, project coordination, and storytelling. Many members become officers of their chapters or domains, and the Mind's Eye Society supports them with leadership development programs and mentoring.

Last but certainly not least, the Mind's Eye Society sponsors many charity events to benefit good causes across the globe. Many of our chapters support a local charity such as a food bank or shelter, thus strengthening the community where they live. Some people ask why service work is so important in an organization such as ours. Quite simply, it builds our sense of community. When our members give something back to their communities-by getting together with their fellow members to do a good deed-it builds friendships and a sense of connection between members.

Our focus on arts, education, and service contributes to the culture that the Mind's Eye Society attempts to build between members worldwide. As a community of friends, we encourage members to be respectful of others, to participate responsibly and safely at all events, and to support each other as we grow together and explore our creative interests.

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