DRS prestige guidelines for recycling & pop tabs

Pull Tabs (max 10 prestige / month):

Recycling (max 20 prestige per month):

Must provide receipt for recycling.  Do not bring cans/paper/plastic for us to recycle.

Additional rules for Recycling:
  - 1 prestige per ½ lb is rounded appropriately (2.24 lbs = 4 prestige).

  - Receipt required (must included weight & amount of money received)

  - Because the Tome says that prestige points cannot be awarded for actions that result in monetary gain, all money from recycling must be donated to DRS funds in order to be prestige worthy

  - Multiple receipts can be combined.  So, one receipt for 3 lbs and one for 2 lbs could be combined into 5 lbs for a total of 10 prestige

  - The max per month is 10 prestige for pull tabs, and 20 prestige for all types of recycling.

  - A single receipt cannot be spread over multiple months.  One receipt = one month.  So, if you are bringing in a lot of cans, get multiple receipts.

  - The date on the receipt is not important.

  - Receipts can be split equally among 2 (or more) people.  So if you had a receipt for 6 lbs, you could split it equally (3 lbs apiece).  You cannot give your “excess” to someone else (5 lbs for you, 1 lb for them).

  - Suggestion: Receipts should be turned in inside a ziplock bag, with the money and the name of the person/people who are getting credit.