Q: Do you have a calendar of events? A: Yes!  Our calendar is updated monthly and can be found here.
 Q: Where are the games held? A: In order to keep costs low we use free game sites whenever we can find them.  Therefore our game sites vary from game to game, and from month to month.  The best way to stay in tune with our schedule it to join the drs-announce mailing list.  It's an announcement list (only the moderator can post), and we send one email per week with reminders of the upcoming weekends events and directions to the game sites.
 Q: How do I join the drs-announce list? A: Just enter your email address, and press the join button.
 Q: I might be interested in playing.  What do I do first? A: First decide which venue (type of game) you want to play.  Then contact the appropriate storyteller for that venue.  A list of Venue storytellers can be found here.  The Venue Storyteller (VST) can help you better understand the venue and will guide you through making your first character.  After you have a character approved by the appropriate VST, just show up at the time and place.
 Q: Do I have to join the club in order to play my first game? A: Nope.  We allow a "try before you buy" option to make sure you are going to enjoy playing with us before you join.  You can play your first month without a membership.  Then we ask that you register for a membership number.  For a limited time, the Camarilla is offering a limited six month free trial membership for new members.  No credit card is required to activate.

To activate your free trial membership, you will need to click here and create a White Wolf logon account. Follow the online instructions.

 Q: Why should I join? A: Camarilla membership benefits include: 
  • A membership card that serves as your passport into the largest, most integrated society of World of Darkness. 
  • A subscription to our quarterly magazine. 
  • The ability to register your MET character with The Camarilla and play it in our long-term, continuous, global Mindís Eye Theatre game which we call the sanctioned chronicle. 
  • The ability to attend thousands of members-only events across the globe, including sanctioned games as well as socials, barbecues, movie nights, etc. 
  • Membership in your local chapter or domain, or organizational support from the Camarilla to build a new chapter in your area if one does not already exist. 
  • Access to hundreds of e-mail lists, IRC channels, websites, and other Internet tools. 
  • Access to Camarilla-sponsored training programs to improve skills such as character development, acting, organizing charity events, management and so forth
  • The ability to earn experience points on your characters, and prestige.
 Q: How do I join? A: The Camarilla Fan Club is part of White Wolf Game Studios, and all the money for the yearly membership fees goes directly to them.  We cannot accept your membership fee at the game.  Click here for the Official Camarilla Web Site.  Look for a heading on the left that reads "Joining the Camarilla".  Click on "Join or Renew".  Follow all instructions and keep all your electronic receipts.  You will need to send us your membership number.
 Q: Do the games cost any money? A: We do charge a site fee for local members, which is usually $1.  Whenever the fee will be more than $1 the price is included in the weekly drs-announce message.  The site fee is not required for visting members or non-members.
 Q: I would like more information, please. A: Contact the Domain Coordinator for answers to any other questions not on this list.  If you have questions about a specific venue, you will need to talk to that specific VST.
Last updated 04/22/2009

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